2010.  Started its operations at Manila North Harbor.

2012.  Commencement of the rehabilitation of Pier 4.

             Delivery of the first STS crane.

2013.  Opened its Passenger Terminal

2014.  2M Twenty-foot Equivalent Units (TEUs) current yard capacity.

2015.  Achieved 1M Twenty-foot Equivalent Units (TEUs)

2017.  On July 10, Invested $23.5 M in the two new quay cranes and      

             seven new rubber-tired gantry cranes that total to 9       

             commissioned STS cranes for its first phase of modernization.

2018.  Implementation of NAVIS N4 and new billing system.

2021.  On June 28, Coca Cola Beverages Philippines, incorporated

            (CCBPI) launched its Mega Manila Hub, a strategic convergence

            point for the company’s shipping operation in North Port.